Change Can be Good

Change Can be Good

It will probably amaze you to know how happy I am, considering some of the challenges that 2019 has brought.  I tell you this to give you hope!


Many would consider this a terrible year.  The “highlights” were:  a knee replacement in January, a major car accident that required back surgery and ankle surgery in September, the death of my cat, O’Reilly, in October and being let go from my job of 25 years due to budget cuts in November.

My last child graduated from college this spring and moved 6 and ½ hours away.  I am without a child for the first time in my adult life.  Talk about a big change!

My Current Situation

I am unemployed for the first time in ages and even though it’s scary, I am excited to see what this new chapter brings.  I have yet to decide whether to go back to work for another company or just drift into early retirement.  I am currently enjoying the freedom and relaxation of having nowhere I have to be first thing in the morning.

My New Life

Since I am a planner, I realized after the first 2 weeks that I needed to be on some type of schedule to feel more anchored in this new change.  I have allotted time for relaxing with my coffee, household chores, learning new skills including this blog, and exercise. My afternoons are for errands or free time.

I love my life. This has been a challenging year with so many unplanned events.  However, I am glad that I am good with change.  Some changes are very difficult and painful, but with them come growth and metamorphosis.

Be Open

My mother always said when God closes a door, he opens a window.  I know this to be true.  Some of the most terrible things I have gone through in life have brought me something wonderful. 

Even when I cannot see a silver lining, as when I have lost people…or a cat I love, I am still filled with such gratitude that I was gifted with knowing them.

My message here is to embrace change whenever you can.  You never know what hidden gift God has wrapped inside.

What I Believe

If it won’t matter five YEARS from now, it’s not anything to worry about.

Feeling gratitude for the good in life is far more productive than focusing on loss.

There is ALWAYS someone who is suffering worse than you.

There is NO pain or trauma that Jesus did not feel on the cross.  Lay it at His feet.

Everything we have is God’s, including our children.  Be good stewards of all HIS gifts.

God doesn’t care what you have or how hard you work.  He cares about how well you love others.

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