Why ‘Bad’ Things Happen to ‘Good’ People

Why ‘Bad’ Things Happen to ‘Good’ People

Bad Things Can Bring Good Things

The words bad and good are in quotes because many things in my life that seemed bad at the time, brought me good things later.  I think of the old adage that when God closes a door, he opens a window. My belief is that most people are inherently good but sometimes just act badly.  I am a glass-half-full kind of person and if that makes me naïve, so be it. I am content to believe the best in others until they prove otherwise, which does not happen all that frequently.

Defining Moment

I remember watching SNL (Saturday Night Live) on TV in my youth and one night there was a skit featuring the character, Father Guido Sarducci.  He was talking about what a crappy day he was having and then he raised his fist, looked up towards heaven and shouted to God…”Why me….?!!”.  He said he heard God’s voice reply to him, “Why NOT you?” 

Why Not You

I found that such a profound question and my immediate thought was how true that is.  Why should someone else suffer what you are suffering?  What makes you any less deserving of life’s troubles than the next person?

That moment in time has stayed with me always.  I have had plenty of heartache and hardship in life as has anyone else who’s lived a full life.  I’m sure many, many people have suffered far more serious heartbreaks and setbacks than I have.  That being said, each person’s burdens are not to be minimized as we all have our hearts broken and suffer pain and loss of loved ones throughout our lives.

Chance, Free Will, Opportunity & Growth

Sometimes bad things happen because we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Even ‘bad’ people have free will and sometimes we just get in the way of those people.

Happiness is not a constant state for anyone but it makes us all appreciate it more.  I believe with age, we become happier because we have experienced more sadness.  This makes us appreciate even the mundane even more. I wish for everyone who reads this to think about that possibility that our suffering makes us better, more loving, and compassionate people who are able to grow from the experiences that we often consider ONLY negative.   Think about the good things that can come from it, even if it is just having the ability to comfort someone else going through the same thing.  In helping others, we heal ourselves.

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  1. Kelly

    I absolutely agree with your perspective. Thanks for sharing and putting into words the very thoughts I have myself!

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